Most Ukrainian automobiles will take you, as long as it is on their way. Make sure you negotiate a price, before hand. Several radio taxi companies are also available.

Kiev Taxi Companies

Private cars and taxis swarm city's streets. To hail a car, you can simply put out your hand, and a car will stop. Private cars, the cars driven by locals who sometimes act as taxi drivers, cost significantly less than official taxis. Although it is the most common way of getting a ride besides public transport, you should be careful and use common sense. Most drivers do not speak English. Agree on a price beforehand.

Shown below is a list of Kiev taxi companies. The average fare, in town, is about 20-25 Hryvnia ($2.00-$3.00 US).

Name Phone
AutoTaxi 451-0021
Bonus-Taxi 233-1103
Delta Taxi 238-8284
Elite Taxi 238-8238
Euro Taxi 249-4040
Express Taxi 239-1515
Grand Taxi 237-3000
Lux Taxi 243-9394
Lux Taxi SV 237-3999
Partner Taxi 247-0000
Radio Taxi 249-6249
Super Taxi 248-0606
Swift Taxi 459-0439
Taxi (State) 059, 054
Taxi 237-2525
Taxi Blues 295-1444
Taxis 295-9508
Tvoye Taxi 237-2575

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