Kiev has one of the deepest metro (subway) stations in the world. Some of the stations are appointed with marble floors and walls and chandeliers. The cost of a ride is 2.50 hryvnas or $0.40 US.

Kiev Metro (Subway) System

Kiev Metro

The Kiev Metro is a typical ex-Soviet three line system (total length 54.8 km ~ 37 mi) with all lines meeting in the city center (Maidan Nezalezhnosti or Freedom Square) forming a triangle. Older stations in the city center were built in the underground palace style similar to Moscow's metro. The network is almost entirely underground although the river Dniper is crossed twice on a bridge.

The Kiev Metro runs from 06:00 until 24:00. First trains leave at 05:50 from the terminus of the line, and last trains leave the city center at 00:20. It's convenient, fast, inexpensive and reliable and has some of the deepest underground stations in the world. No trip to Kiev is complete without a ride on the Kiev Metro. A fare is 2.50 hryvnas or about $0.40 US.

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