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Several international car rental services are available at Boryspil International Airport. If you decide to rent a car, please be aware that Ukraine is a "zero tolerance country".

Car Rental Services in Kiev

Most international driving rules apply in Kiev. However, beware that most locals fail to follow many driving laws - Ukrainians are some of the worst speeders in the world - they love to step on the gas. Officially, speed limits are 60 kph/37 mph in cities, 90 kph/56 mph in unpopulated areas, and 120 kph/72 mph on highways. You can turn right on red lights, wherever there are signs. Parking in Kiev is as difficult as in any other major European city. In downtown Kiev, many motorists park their cars on the sidewalks.

Ukraine is a Zero Tolerance country, so please do not drink and drive. The penalties are severe and you are never sure what may happen in such incidents involving the Militia (as the local Police, is known).

Name Address Phone
A Car Rental 8a Pushkinska St. 229-7092
A-Trans 22 Vorovskoho St. 468-8842
Alles Business Auto 21 Khvoiky St. 201-4929
Aro - All Rent 12 Bastionna St. 459-9071
Auto Retro 5 Ihorivska St. 238-6685
Auto VIP Mercedes 5 Lesy Ukrainky Blvd. 202-2565
Avis Rent a Car 4 Hospitalna St. 490-7333
Car Rental Services 8a Pushkinska St. 464-0895
Car Rental Boryspil International Airport 493-0475
Domino 66 B. Khmelnytskoho St. 234-9400
Driver 20a L. Havro St. 418-8840
Europcar Boryspil International Airport 296-7737
Hertz Rent a Car Boryspil International Airport 296-7616
Interton 7/13 Tereschenkivska St. 235-8892
ITS 20 L. Havro St. 237-3587
Navigator 16b B. Khmelnytskoho St. 235-6188
Save Travel 29 Dmytrivska St, 251-2163
Utis 9/2 Chervonoarmiyska St. 247-5757

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