Tennis courts

Tennis is fast becoming a favorite sport in Kiev, with tennis courts appearing all over town. With several top seeded Ukrainian players competing in world cup matches, the sport of tennis is in full bloom in Kiev. The average court time price is $5.00-$10.00 US per hour.

Name Address Phone
Antey 8B Vitruka St. 424-7309
Aquarium Fitness Center 45 Heroyiv Stalinhradu Prosp. 239-2222
Dynamo 3 Hrushevskoho St. 228-0531
Harmony 13 Suvorova St. 573-9096
Meridian 11V Heroyiv Sevastopolya St. 457-8843
Nauka International 32 Vernadskoho Akad Blvd. 424-3381
Olimp 11 Kulibina St. 442-8102
Olimpiysky Tennis Courts 42 Esplanadna St. 246-7053
Tennis Courts 6 Malyshka St. 513-7719

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