Centres for human reproduction

The statistics is based on personal opinion of people who communicate on forums.

Name Top list Description
ISIDA 4+ A beautiful clinic, excellent service, but the results are not good enough.
KievHorStroy Clinic 4+ Good results, but unreasonably high prices.
IGR 4+ Good results, but horrifying service, insanitary conditions.
BioTexCom 4+ Young clinic, good results and service, high prices.
Dahno 4 Good results, average service.
Alternativa 4 Good results, average service.
ART clinic 3+ Good service, bad results.
Implant clinic 3 Great service, average results
Nadiya 3 Average results, average service.
Genesis clinical association 3- Average service, bad results
Prikarpatsky reproduction centre 2 Lack of staff, bad location, bad results
Academical Clinic 2 Bad results, old equipment
Healthy Family Research Institute 2 Bad results, average service, old equipment
Intersono Medical Centre 2- Bad results, average service, old equipment
Professor A.M. Feskov’s clinic 1+ Insanitary conditions, no results
REMEDI 1+ Bad results, bad service
Chernovtsy Reproduction Centre 1 Bad results, no service
Neomed 1- No results, no pregnancies, insanitary conditions, shutdown is planned.

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