Universities in Kiev

The famous Red University, named Taras Shevchenko after the bard of Ukraine, is the seat of learning not only for Ukrainian students but also for many students from abroad. Local Universities do accept foreign students, providing they have a basic command of the Ukrainian or Russian languages.

Name Address Contacts
European University 16V Vernadskoho Akad. Blvd. 450-6490
International Christian University 54/1 Peremohy Prosp., #136 456-4363
International Finance University 37 Peremohy Prosp., Korp. 1 241-7329
International Management Institute 19 Panasa Myrnoho St. 290-3352
International Science and Technics University 3 Mahnitohonsky Prov. 559-2433
International Solomon University 1B Sholudenska St. 236-2074
Interregional Academy of Personnel Management 2 Frometivska St. 264-5254
KPI National Technical University of Ukraine 37 Peremohy Prosp. 236-7989
KROK University 30-32 Laherna St. 455-5757
Kyiv International University 49 Lvivska St. 424-6488
Kyiv Mohyla Business School 8/5 Volovska St. 490-6635
Kyiv National Linguistic University 73 Chervonoarmiyska St. 227-3372
Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts 36 Schorsa St. 269-9833
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics 19 Kioto St. 513-2309
Kyiv State Civil Engineering and Architecture University 31 Povitroflotsky Prosp. 248-4905
National Academy of Management 26 Panasa Myrnoho St., 12th Floor 290-8056
National Agricultural University 15 Heroyiv Oborony St. 257-5175
National Aviation University 1 Komarova Prosp. 457-7755
National Medical University 13 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. 234-4062
National Taras Shevchenko University 64 Volodymyrska St. 220-8391
National Transport University 1 Suvorova St. 290-8203
National University Kyiv Academy 2 Skovorody St. 417-8461
National University of Food Technologies 68 Volodymyrska St. 220-9555
Slovyansky University 9 Anri Barbyusa St. 268-6383
Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music 1-3/11 Horodetskoho St. 229-7344
Ukrainian State Pedagogical University 9 Pyrohova St. 234-1108
Ukrainian State University of Physical Education and Sports 1 Fizkultury St. 227-5452
Wisconsin International University (Ukraine) 8/14 Turhenevska St. 216-0666

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